User:Mesmermann and I have collaborated on translating an article from the Danish Newspaper BT (

The Danish director Ole Christian Madsen will direct several episodes of the new American television series Banshee. For the first time ever, a Danish director will be behind the camera on a major U.S. television series on the HBO network. The historic credit goes to the director Ole Christian Madsen, who last directed the critically acclaimed film SuperClásico. He tells a TV 2 News reporter “I have no performance anxiety, but I have for the first time in my life been afraid to write something wrong in the e-mails I send. That is why I read them several times.”

Banshee is being developed by Alan Ball, who created the series True Blood and Six Feet Under, and won an Oscar for the film American Beauty. Madsen said “Alan Ball is the biggest producer. When you have to direct one of his series, you work to a higher level. It's about realizing Alan Ball's vision as closely as possible.”

Banshee is a thriller about a man who after 15 years in prison, comes to the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania where he becomes sheriff in a roundabout way. Madsen says “There will be plenty of violence, profanity and sex. It is very politically incorrect and very violent. It seems to be a great series.”

Madsen has spent the last several months working on the series. The Danish director has helped to develop the script and cast the right actors for the series. He is one of four directors, as Alan Ball confirmed. The leading role in Banshee is played by Antony Starr, while Ivana Milicevic also stars.

There's another Danish twist: Ulrich Thomsen. Regarding his compatriot Madsen said “He will play a villain, but it is one of the major roles, and a very, very good role. I am sure that he will be fantastic.” Acclaimed TV network HBO is funding Banshee; the channel boasts critically revered television series including the drama series The Wire and medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones (starring Nikolaj Coster Waldau).

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