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Sugar Bates
Sugar Bates
Key information
Status Alive
Age 56
Profession Bar Owner
Boxer (retired)
Relationships Lucas Hood (Friend)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Frankie Faison
Season 1, 2
First episode "Pilot"
Last episode "Bullets and Tears"
Sugar Bates is a wise, powerful former boxer and ex-con who now owns the local watering hole.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sugar Bates is a major character in the first and second season. He is played by starring cast member Frankie Faison.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot The Rave Meet the New Boss Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead The Kindred
Wicks Behold a Pale Rider We Shall Live Forever Always the Cowboy A Mixture of Madness
Season 2 appearances
Little Fish The Thunder Man The Warrior Class Bloodlines The Truth About Unicorns
Firekeeper Ways to Bury a Man Evil for Evil Homecoming Bullets and Tears

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