Season 4
Season 4 Poster
No. of episodes 8
Original run April 1, 2016
DVD release To be announced
Season chronology
Season 3

Season 4 is the fourth and final season of Banshee. It was officially announced July 29, 2015, by Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming. The season consists of eight episodes. Season 4 premiered on April 1, 2016.


Two Years after Job went missing, in Banshee, a string of similar murders where young girls hearts are ripped out of their chest and then left at the side of the road becomes a top priority concern when Rebecca Bowman (Lili Simmons) is the third victim in the grotesque killings. Lucas Hood comes out of hiding to investigate her death along with the help of FBI Agent Veronica Dawson (Eliza Dushku). Power in Banshee has changed, with Brock Lotus (Matt Servitto) assuming the title of Sheriff and Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thompsen) as the new Mayor of Banshee, who's been making deals with the Aryan Brotherhood, led by Calvin Bunker (Chris Coy).

The hunt for Job (Hoon Lee) ensues from the Season 3 cliffhanger finale, and the original gang returns for a climactic, all or nothing run taking the 'fun' in dysfunction to the extreme.




Joining cast


Executive Producers



Director of Photography


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Upload Something out of the Bible Writer: Jonathan Tropper Director: Ole Christian Madsen April 1, 2016 #31
Upload The Burden of the Beauty Writer: Adam Targum Director: Ole Christian Madsen April 8, 2016 #32
Upload Job Writer: Liz Sagal Director: Evarardo Gout April 15, 2016 #33
Upload Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch Writer: Chad Feehan Director: Evarardo Gout April 22, 2016 #34
Upload A Little Late To Grow A Pair Writer: Liz Sagal Director: Loni Peristere April 29, 2016 #35
Upload Only One Way a Dogfight Ends Writer: Chad Feehan Director: Jonathan Tropper May 6, 2016 #36
Upload Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself Writer: Adam Targum Director: Ole Christian Madsen 2016 #37
Upload Requiem Writer: Jonathan Tropper Director: Ole Christian Madsen 2016 #38


Banshee Season 4 Trailer (Cinemax)-001:13

Banshee Season 4 Trailer (Cinemax)-0



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