Richard Murphy
301 Richard Murphy
Key information
Home Camp Genoa, Banshee, Pennsylvania
Status Deceased
Profession Captain
Relationships Douglas Stowe (boss, deceased)
Death Throat slit by Job
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Mark Hicks
Season 3
First episode "The Fire Trials"
Last episode "We All Pay Eventually"
Appearances 6 episodes (see below)

Captain Richard Murphy is a captain in Camp Genoa. He's hired as mercenary to protect the illegal activities in the camp.

Behind the scenesEdit

Richard Murphy is a recurring character in the third season. He is played by supporting cast member Mark Hicks.


Season 3 appearances
The Fire Trials Snakes and Whatnot A Fixer of Sorts Real Life Is the Nightmare Tribal
We Were All Someone Else Yesterday You Can’t Hide From the Dead All the Wisdom I Got Left Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You We All Pay Eventually

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