"Passed Over"
Season 1, Episode 12
Origins Passed Over
Air date January 29, 2013
Written by David Schickler
Jonathan Tropper
Directed by Greg Yaitanes
Episode Guide
"The Women"
"The Real Lucas Hood"

"Passed Over" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Banshee: Origins and, therefore, the twelfth episode of the series overall. It first aired on January 29, 2013. The episode was written by Executive Producers David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper and directed by Executive Producer Greg Yaitanes.



Mayor Kendall is walking around Banshee and approaches the Cadi. He walks past Alma and Siobhan greets him as he asks where Acting Sheriff Brock is and he says he is in his office. Dan walks past Emmett and enters his office just as he is ending a call from one of the local crazies. Brock explains to the Mayor that Mrs. Kidridge and her many cats have discovered "another" terrorist cell and asks how he is. Mayor Kendall replies that he is doing good and his wife is also doing good when Brock asks about her. After that Brock asks what is up with the Mayor's visit and Dan explains that he and the town council have unanimously voted to give the Sheriff's position to someone else. Brock is angry about the decision even as Dan tries to explain their reasons. The argument ends with Dan telling him that Sheriff Lucas Hood while arrive in two weeks and that he hopes Brock will stay on the force as a deputy. Brock says Dan is making him look like a fool and Dan apologizes to Brock before leaving his office.




Banshee Season 1 Origins - Passed Over (Cinemax)02:35

Banshee Season 1 Origins - Passed Over (Cinemax)

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