George Hunter
201 George Hunter
Key information
Home Kinaho Reservation, Banshee, Pennsylvania
Status Alive
Profession Member of the Kinaho Tribal Council
Relationships Benjamin Longshadow (boss, deceased)
Alex Longshadow (boss, deceased)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Gil Birmingham
Season 2
First episode "Little Fish"
Last episode "Homecoming"

George Hunter is a member of the Kinaho Tribal Council and Alex Longshadow's rival for the position of Chief.

Behind the scenesEdit

George Hunter is a recurring character in the second season. He is played by supporting cast member Gil Birmingham.


Season 2 appearances
Little Fish The Thunder Man The Warrior Class Bloodlines The Truth About Unicorns
Firekeeper Ways to Bury a Man Evil for Evil Homecoming Bullets and Tears

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