Benjamin Longshadow
Key information
Status Deceased
Profession Chief of the Kinaho Tribal Council (former)
Relatives Alex Longshadow (son, deceased)
Nola Longshadow (daughter, deceased)
Death Cancer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Russell Means
Season 1
First episode "Pilot"
Last episode "We Shall Live Forever"
Appearances 5 episodes (see below)
Benjamin Longshadow was the chief of the local Kinaho Tribe. He lived there with his son Alex Longshadow.

Behind the scenesEdit

Benjamin Longshadow was a recurring character in the first season. He was played by supporting cast member Russell Means.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot The Rave Meet the New Boss Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead The Kindred
Wicks Behold a Pale Rider We Shall Live Forever Always the Cowboy A Mixture of Madness