This is a collection of the events that occur throughout Banshee and Banshee: Origins. Since actual dates are unavailable other than the years, Day 0 will be considered the day Lucas Hood is released from prison in 2013.

Time between episodes will be considered approximately one week unless there is evidence otherwise.

  • Yulish attempts to assassinate Mr. Rabbit in Kharkiv, but fails. (Brothers)
Creation Day
  • Job writes the virus Cronus. (Cronus)
Erasure Day
Meeting Day
  • Hood goes to meet Mr. Rabbit. Before he is let in to see him, Hood talks to Ana. Due to a comment from Olek, Hood discovers that Mr. Rabbit is Ana's father. (Getting to Know You)
Hotwire Day
  • Job teaches Hood how to hotwire a car. Hood tells Job that he is in a relationship with Ana. (Hotwire)
  • Sugar Bates is imprisoned. Kai Proctor speaks to him to discuss Sugar's imprisonment, and Sugar tells him to not retaliate. (Allenwood Part 1)
Yuri's Death Day
  • Yuri is killed by Mr. Rabbit in New York for stealing from him. (Bullets and Tears)
Heist Day
Heist Day
  • Olek tips off Law Enforcement about the upcoming heist. The jewel heist occurs; Hood and Carrie intend to not let Mr. Rabbit take any of the diamonds and leave. Hood is captured by Julius Bonner. Ana abandons the heist and changes her name to Carrie.
Day After
Heist Day
  • Hood is interrogated by Detective Bonner, with Jim Racine watching behind a mirror. Hood learns that Olek tipped off law enforcement about the heist from Bonner. (Interrogation Part 1)
  • After giving Hood several minutes to think on Olek's call, Bonner says that Hood participated in the heist on Mr. Rabbit's orders. Hood insists he worked alone. Bonner demands information on Mr. Rabbit; Hood hesitates, but accepts Bonner's offer of food. (Interrogation Part 2).
  • Bonner tells Hood that there is no one behind the mirror, but Hood explains his deduction that there is. Bonner goes behind the mirror to speak to Jim, infuriated with Hood. The interrogation ends. (Interrogation Part 3)
Heist Day
  • Racine confronts Mr. Rabbit about the tipoff for the heist. Mr. Rabbit says that he will lose his patience with Racine. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Ana begins to live with Job. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Hood is brought to Mr. Rabbit. Rabbit orders the Albino to torture Hood every day. (Wicks)
Call Day
Death Day
  • The day after Hood leaves solitary, the Albino ambushes Hood and brings him inside the prison. (Wicks)
  • The Albino attempts to force Hood to give him a blowjob. Instead, Hood severely wounds him and a fight between them begins. The Albino chokes Hood, but Hood gouges out the Albino's eyes. Hood then breaks the Albino's neck using weights, killing him. (Wicks)
the Albino's
Death Day
Final Hood
and Paradis
Meeting Day
  • Hood determines that Dr. Paradis is a spy for Mr. Rabbit. He attacks Dr. Paradis in response. (A Mixture of Madness)
Ava's Meeting
  • Carrie meets Gordon for the first time in a diner while performing waitress duties. (The Diner)
  • Carrie and Gordon enter a relationship.
Moving Day
Takeover Day
  • Mr. Manfred attempts to coerce Proctor to sell Proctor Meats to his company. Manfred sends two henchmen to force him to sell, but Proctor fights them off. Mandfred and a henchman are allowed to leave afterwards. (Takeover)
Prison Visit
  • Carrie visits the prison Hood is in. As she approaches the gate, she sees a moving black car. She cancels her visit due to thinking Mr. Rabbit's henchmen may be nearby. (Carrie at the Gate)
  • Sugar speaks to Proctor, telling him that he needs to handle his own problems instead of having Proctor handle them. (Allenwood Part 2)
Prison Visit
  • Carrie once again tries to visit Hood in prison. After she arrives, she gets a call from Gordon about music choices for her wedding reception. After looking at Hood's locket, she drives away. (Looking for My Exit)
Church Day
  • Mr. Rabbit visits his brother at church with the to meet his brother again. Yulish considers shooting Mr. Rabbit out of revenge, but decides not to. The two then speak about Mr. Rabbit's wife and daughter. The two leave on good terms. (Brothers)
  • Sugar is released from prison. After taking a bus to Banshee, he joins and leaves with Kai Proctor in his car. Sugar gets a job at a mill. (Sugar's Release)
Church Day
  • Jim Racine visits Yulish to discuss Mr. Rabbit. (The Priest)
  • Sugar quits his job at the mill, instead preferring to work for himself. He becomes a bartender at the Forge. (The Forge)
Sugar's Capture Day
  • Proctor is captured by criminals and thrown into a basement. Proctor meets Clay Burton down there and helps both himself and Burton escape the basement and kill their captors. (Always Be Prepared)
Max's Birthday
Release Day
Oscar Sr.'s Death Day
Siobhan at
the Forge
  • Emmett brings Siobhan out of the Forge. Emmett tells Siobhan to leave her husband, but she says he would kill her if she tried. Siobhan kisses Emmett, but he rebuffs her advances. (Siobhan Interrupted)
Chess Day
  • Mr. Rabbit speaks to Olek about Hood and Drexler over a chess game. (Kings and Pawns)
Fields Day
Bar Fight Day
Call Day
  • Hood calls Job for information on Ana; Job says she's fine. Hood hangs up on Job during Ana's visit with him. (Checking In)
Meeting Day
  • Siobhan meets Rebecca, telling her about her divorce from her husband. (The Women)
  • Deva talks to Carrie about her necklace. Carrie evades giving information on Hood when asked by Deva. (Carrie and Deva)
Meeting Day
Release Day
  • Wicks is released prison. (Wicks)
Meeting Day
  • Sugar and Carrie discuss Gordon, and then Carrie admits that she has "done things". When she leaves, he says her payment for the drink is on the house. (Comfort)
Day -14
  • Dan tells Brock that the City Council has decided to give the position of sheriff to Lucas Hood. (Passed Over)
Day 0
  • Carter tells Hood that they must never meet again. (Birthday)
  • Lucas Hood is released from prison. (Pilot)
  • Lucas Hood visits Job in New York and gets Carrie's address. He escapes an ambush by Mr. Rabbit's henchmen and rides to Banshee. (Pilot)
  • The real Lucas Hood visits the Forge and calls his son. (The Real Lucas Hood)
  • Charles Randall and Delmont Munson attempt to rob Sugar. The real Lucas Hood and the would-be fake Lucas Hood intervene; Munson, Randall, and the real Lucas Hood are killed in the ensuing fight. (Pilot)
  • Hood briefly meets with Carrie, he discovers that the heist failed and Carrie is married. (Pilot)
  • Hood assumes the real Lucas Hood's identity. (Pilot)
  • Hood is given a place to live by Sugar. (Pilot)
Day 1
  • Proctor meets with Sugar, telling him that two of his employees are missing. Sugar denies that the two men were in his bar. (Pilot)
  • Hood meets the mayor and is told his duties as sheriff. (Pilot)
  • Olek and Buzzcut meet Job and try to strong-arm him into telling him where Hood has gone. Job escapes via a secret passageway and destroys his base of operations. Buzzcut is killed in the explosion. (Pilot)
  • Hood fights several people provoking several Amish. Kai Proctor appears and stops Cole Moody from fighting. All the combatants leave peacefully, and Proctor has a one-way conversation with his father. (Pilot)
  • Proctor disciplines Cole Moody with a beating for insulting the Amish. (Pilot)
  • Proctor throws a party at his mansion. An enraged Moody arrives, trying to shoot Proctor. Before Burton can kill him to protect Proctor, Lucas shoots Moody in the head. (Pilot)
  • Hood has bad dreams about his memories of Ana. (The Rave)
  • Proctor Meats experiences a power failure. (The Rave)
Day 2
  • Olek reports to Mr. Rabbit that Job escaped and Buzzcut is dead. Mr. Rabbit orders Olek to find Hood and Job quickly. (Pilot)
  • Hood visits Carrie's open house event. (The Rave)
  • Deva witnesses Hanson beat Arno Webber. (The Rave)
  • Hanson gives Reed Schumacher an invitation to his rave as a DJ. (The Rave)
  • Proctor tells Hood the danger the Moody clan presents. (The Rave)
  • Gordon and Carrie train their fighting skills. (The Rave)
  • Kat confronts Hood over Cole's death after Hood eats food at Cole's wake. Marcus and Dex threaten Hood with guns, but Sugar defuses the situation. (The Rave)
  • Hood meets and has sex with Rebecca. When they finish Jason answers the real Hood's voicemail made several days ago. (The Rave)
Day 3
  • Hood fills out the paperwork for killing Cole. (The Rave)
  • Gordon disciplines Deva on her absence from school. (The Rave)
  • Elijah informs the police of Hanson's rave. (The Rave)
  • Deva, Reed, Hanson, and Beaty attend the rave at the barn. (The Rave)
  • When the police arrive, Hood approaches the barn and beat up several people inside and outside the barn. (The Rave)
  • People in the rave begin to collapse from the toxic drugs, including Reed. (The Rave)
  • The police enters the rave and orders everyone to leave. Hood chases Hanson, but Hanson escapes. (The Rave)
  • EMTs arrive and try to revive people. Reed dies from the drugs. (The Rave)
  • Hanson returns to Proctor, but Proctor is furious with him. Hanson is killed by Proctor's dog. (The Rave)
Day 3 - 7
  • Proctor helps Alex and Benjamin set up a fighting arena in the Kinaho Moon Casino for Sanchez.
Day 5
  • Hanson's corpse is fed to a shredder by Proctor and Burton. Arno takes and keeps Hanson's hand, which fell out of the shredder. (Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead)
Day 7
  • Carrie sneaks into Mr. Rabbit's apartment. She offers to give his diamonds back if he gives up his quest to get her back. He gives a counteroffer to give up his quest if she hands over Hood. (Meet the New Boss)
Day 8
  • Damien goes to the Kinaho Moon Casino to spar. Proctor, Alex and Benjamin also go to oversee it. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Reed's funeral occurs. Gordon invites Hood to dinner. While there, Max has a minor attack from his respiratory illness. Carrie accuses Hood of being needlessly angry, and he storms off. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Hood once again has sex with Rebecca at the Forge. When Rebecca leaves the Forge, she and Proctor discuss their family, and return home. (Meet the New Boss)
Day 9
  • Hood asks Proctor about the pills Reed took, but Proctor angrily responds, saying that he's trying to create good in Banshee. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Sanchez offers Hood a spar publicly, but Hood refuses, believing that one of them would be hurt severely. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Carrie offers to have Hood leave Banshee in exchange for the diamonds at gunpoint. Hood resists and orders Carrie to leave with the diamonds. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Sanchez has sex with a waitress, but hurts her badly. (Meet the New Boss)
Day 10
  • The woman Sanchez hurt is sent to the hospital. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Mr. Rabbit deduces that Hood has become a problem for Carrie. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Hood and Siobhan talk to the hurt woman, forming a reason to arrest Sanchez. (Meet the New Boss)
  • As Siobhan and Hood enter the casino to arrest Sanchez, Proctor suggests that Hood arrest him after the sparring. Hood initially considers his offer, but due to Siobhan's urging and the Mr. Dern's offensive comments, Hood decides to arrest Sanchez immediately. (Meet the New Boss)
  • After punching out a security officer, Hood is forced to subdue a resisting Sanchez, breaking is fingers and arm. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Hood is driven away by Sugar, and gives him Sanchez's gold watch to reimburse his pay as a referee. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Proctor meets with Hood afterwards, furious that Hood immediately arrested Sanchez. Proctor leaves, saying that Hood should fear him. (Meet the New Boss)
  • Clay Burton goes to Dern, requesting Proctor's money back. When Dern refuses, Burton tortures him for it. (Meet the New Boss)
Day 10 - 15
  • Hood is healed of the injuries he received from Sanchez.
Day 15
  • Hood attempts to rob the Harrisburg State Museum, but is trapped inside. Job turns off the alarms, and Job briefly leaves to fight several people. Carrie leaves to go save Hood. (Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead)
  • Job opens an exit for Hood, and Hood attempts to leave. He fights several state troopers, and tries to leave with a state trooper disguise. (Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead)
  • Hood is nearly captured by the state troopers, but Carrie helps him escape. (Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead)
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
  • Brock informs the Police Department that Arno has been abducted. Lucas presumes Arno to be dead.
Day 18 - 24
Day 18 - 44
Day 24
  • The Kindred arrive in Banshee. (The Kindred)
  • Job, Sugar, and Hood begin to plot a theft of a heavily-armed truck owned by the Casino. (The Kindred)
  • Agent Xavier arrives in Banshee to oversee Proctor's indictment. (The Kindred)
  • Carrie is briefly taken by the Kindred. Sugar tries to help her, but is knocked out. One of the Kindred, Tally, tries to rape Carrie while the others walk away. Siobhan comes to help and shoots the Kindred member when Carrie forces him to point his gun. (The Kindred)
  • Hood prepares to strike back at the Kindred. Sugar is hospitalized. (The Kindred)
  • The Kindred decide to get revenge for the death of Tally. (The Kindred)
Day 25
  • Carrie trains with a pistol. (The Kindred)
  • Siobhan is stalked by the Kindred. Her car's tires are slashed, and she leaves with Emmett to find Kindred members. (The Kindred)
  • The Kindred attack the Spirit Festival and kill several Banshee residents. Rebecca manages to stab one of the attackers. In the aftermath, Proctor's offers to use his private security force to protect the town, and Hood declares that the festival will continue. (The Kindred)
  • Several Amish bring Rebecca to Hood for judgment for stabbing a Kindred member. Hood declares her innocent, claiming she acted in self-defense. (The Kindred)
  • Rebecca has sex with Hood and gets her knife back. (The Kindred)
  • Siobhan is lured outside her house by gunshots from the Kindred. As she shoots at several Kindred outside, other Kindred burn down her house. (The Kindred)
Day 26
  • Siobhan's birthday. (The Kindred)
  • Siobhan sleeps in Emmett's house for the night since hers is destroyed. (The Kindred)
  • Hood trades Hanson's hand to Proctor for the Kindred's location. (The Kindred)
  • The Kindred are killed by Hood. Their bodies are sent to Cleveland. (The Kindred)
  • Siobhan is given the rings of the Kindred. (The Kindred)
  • Xavier finds Hanson's hand to be missing. (The Kindred)
Day 63
  • Wicks visits Banshee and notices Hood. Benjamin and Proctor talk about Alex and the danger Alex might be to the Kinaho Tribe's relationship with Proctor. Proctor later goes to a preacher and intimidates him for his land. (Wicks)
  • Wicks gets arrested for shoplifting, prompting Hood to meet with him in person. (Wicks)
  • Hood speaks to Wicks and learns of his predicament. Hood gives him a hotel room to sleep him for the night. (Wicks)
Day 64
  • Hood gives Wicks enough money and clothes to leave Banshee. Proctor visits the preacher he threatened and blackmails him. (Wicks)
  • Max has a severe asthma attack requiring hospitalization. (Wicks)
  • Wicks loses his money at the Casino. He fights security, is thrown out, and sent to the police station. Alex goes to the police station and threatens Wicks. (Wicks)
  • Wicks goes to the Forge, and tries to blackmail Hood for a job. Sugar and Hood kill him and put his body in the lake. (Wicks)
Day 65
  • After spending the morning at the lake with Sugar, Hood return to the PD. (Wicks)
  • Carrie tells Mr. Rabbit that she will bring Hood to him. (Wicks)
Day 103
Day 104
Day 105
  • Mr. Rabbit reviews pictures of Carrie, and returns to Banshee with many henchmen. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Gordon gets Carrie out of the hospital. After Gordon leaves the car to get Deva, Carrie leaves the car to find Max. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Max is abducted by Mr. Rabbit when Carrie arrives at the school. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Carrie is taken to the police station. Xavier and several other FBI agents begin an investigation into Max's kidnapping. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Proctor and Rebecca continue to work on the Casino. Alex tries to force them out, but Proctor blows a whistle, causing all the workers to leave for the day. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Proctor asks Hood if he had sex with Rebecca. When Proctor thinks he did, Proctor attacks Hood. After the fight, Hood enlists Proctor to help him against Rabbit. Proctor tells Hood that Rebecca is "off-limits". (Always the Cowboy)
  • Carrie arms herself to defend against Rabbit, but when she enters her house, she sees Rabbit. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Rabbit disarms Carrie and Gordon. Rabbit asks Carrie about Olek; when she refuses to answer, he tells her she will get no mercy from him. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Alex enlists Jeffrey to kill Proctor. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Rabbit confronts Hood at the police station. He leaves as his men ambush Hood. (Always the Cowboy)
  • Proctor and Burton save Hood from the ambush. (A Mixture of Madness)
Day 106
Day 107
  • Hood is brutally tortured by Mr. Rabbit and his henchmen. (A Mixture of Madness)
  • Sugar's car is halted by Brock, and Carrie tells him about Mr. Rabbit. The other officers arrive, and both the police and Sugar's group agree to attack Mr. Rabbit's hideout. (A Mixture of Madness)
  • Mr. Rabbit's hideout is raided. Sugar and Brock are injured during the assault. Hood is rescued, and Mr. Rabbit is shot several times, with at least one shot in the chest by Carrie. (A Mixture of Madness) The shot temporarily cripples Mr. Rabbit's lower body. (Bloodlines)
  • Mr. Rabbit escapes the hideout into the forest. (A Mixture of Madness)
  • Carrie is separated from Gordon, Max, and Deva for hiding her past. (A Mixture of Madness)
Day 114
Day 116
  • Carrie visits Hood as he recovers from his injuries. (Little Fish)
  • Rebecca watches the Amish from afar, feeling guilty for killing the mayor. Proctor brings her back home. (Little Fish)
  • Job and Sugar steal the real Hood's body from the morgue and bury him. (Little Fish)
Day 117
  • Jim Racine arrives at Banshee. (Little Fish)
  • Racine visits the morgue to look at the bodies. (Little Fish)
  • Racine conducts an interrogation on Carrie and Hood. (Little Fish)
  • Racine reinstates Hood as Banshee sheriff. (Little Fish)
  • Xavier is reassigned and leaves Banshee. (Little Fish)
  • Carrie, Hood, and Job loot a Kinaho truck and initially escape with the loot. (Little Fish)
  • Carrie, Hood, and Job are attacked by Nola; Sugar arrives to save them and Hood escapes with a bag of loot. (Little Fish)
  • Deva is temporarily detained by a security officer for shoplifting. (Little Fish)
  • George Hunter visits Alex, expressing concern over the casino and Alex's leadership. (Little Fish)
  • Carrie briefly visits Gordon to discuss her possible imprisonment. (Little Fish)
Day 118
  • Hood visits Siobhan at her RV, discussing Racine. (Little Fish)
  • Dan Kendall's funeral occurs. (Little Fish)
  • Hood meets Nola at the Forge; they have sex at night. (Little Fish)
Day 119
  • Racine goes to New York to question Yulish. (Little Fish)
  • Brock goes to Proctor, and learns that Hood appeared in Banshee on the same day Randall and Munson were last seen. (The Thunder Man)
  • The Kinaho leaders have an emergency meeting about Alex's leadership. (The Thunder Man)
  • Siobhan's ex-husband, Breece Connors, visits Banshee and requests that she lift the restraining order against him. (The Thunder Man)
Day 120
  • Carrie is sentenced to serve at least 30 days in prison. She is provided three days to surrender herself for imprisonment. (The Thunder Man)
  • Gordon and Hood briefly fight due to a dispute on the responsibility of Carrie's imprisonment. (The Thunder Man)
  • Siohan reminisces about her experience with Breece in the shooting range. (The Thunder Man)
Day 121
  • Alex detonates a bomb at Proctor Meats. (The Thunder Man)
  • Breece goes to Siobhan's RV. She demands that he leave. (The Thunder Man)
  • After Rebecca is attacked by three marines, Nola incapacitates the marines and captures Rebecca. (The Thunder Man)
Day 122
  • Nola shows Alex that Rebecca has been taken prisoner. (The Thunder Man)
  • Proctor enlists Hood with rescuing Rebecca after Alex demands ransom money for Rebecca's return. (The Thunder Man)
  • With Job's help, Hood enters the casino in search of Rebecca. After defeating the bouncer, he enters the casino. He defeats several responding security guards. Hood is disarmed by Nola, but he negotiates Rebecca's release. (The Thunder Man)
  • Proctor goes to Alex's home and pours body parts into his hot tub. He threatens Alex, warning him to not cross him again. (The Thunder Man)
Day 123
  • Carrie is driven to prison by Hood. He experiences flashbacks to his own time in prison during the visit. (The Thunder Man)
  • Siobhan encounters Breece in her RV and angrily tells him to leave. He does. (The Thunder Man)
  • Siobhan visits Breece and brutally beats him. Carrie attacks another prisoner. (The Thunder Man)
  • Hood finds Siobhan and Breece. After they discuss the fight with Breece, Siobhan kisses Hood. (The Thunder Man)
  • Breece is taken to the hospital, and Hood laughs at the book Siobhan beat Breece with. (The Thunder Man)
Day 124 - 135
Day 135
Day 136
  • The Banshee police investigate the crime scene where Lana died. (The Warrior Class)
  • Proctor offers to assist Hood in his investigation. (The Warrior Class)
  • Banshee police go to the reservation to find Tommy Littlestone. (The Warrior Class)
  • Hood enters a reservation building and meets Chayton. They fight as the deputies enter the building. The other deputies join Hood's fight with Chayton, and Chayton is rendered unconscious. (The Warrior Class)
  • Chayton is taken into custody. Tommy is briefly questioned by Banshee police. Jason confronts Hood about the real Lucas Hood. (The Warrior Class)
  • Rebecca and Proctor go to Amish land to do their own investigation. As they investigate, Kinaho residents arrive on Amish land, provoking the Amish to attack. Proctor and Burton beat several Kinaho, causing them to retreat. (The Warrior Class)
  • Rebecca is attacked by Jonah. She evades Jonah, and Hood enters the woods to find Jonah. Jonah hits Hood with a branch and escapes. (The Warrior Class)
  • Siobhan takes Hood home, and they have sex. (The Warrior Class)
  • Nola visits Lana in the morgue. (The Warrior Class)
Day 140
  • Carrie hallucinates about life outside the prison. (Bloodlines)
  • Lana is buried; Nola and Lucas watch. (Bloodlines)
  • Job meets Jason, and is tasked with giving him a new identity. (Bloodlines)
  • Proctor and Alex meet in a restaurant, and briefly fight after mutually provoking each other. (Bloodlines)
  • Jason leaves to eat eat a restaurant, Job retrieves him and brings him back. (Bloodlines)
  • Lucas and Brock search for Daniel, Solomon's friend. Lucas and Rebecca independently determine that Jonah may be responsible for Lana's death and Solomon's disappearance. (Bloodlines)
  • Lucas determines that Jonah was the hooded assailant who attacked him and Rebecca. Lucas attempts to arrest Jonah, but Jonah resists. (Bloodlines)
  • Rebecca enters Jonah's home as Lucas and Jonah fight. Proctor enters the house shortly after Lucas and Rebecca subdue Jonah. Proctor tortures information on the location of Solomon out of Jonah. (Bloodlines)
  • Rebecca and Lucas recover Solomon. (Bloodlines)
  • Jason Hood has sex with Rebecca. (Bloodlines)
  • Chayton escapes custody, leaving with other Redbones. (Bloodlines)
  • Nola kills Jonah with a tomahawk, and leaves Banshee shortly afterwards. (Bloodlines)
  • Job leaves to New York. (Bloodlines)
Day 141
  • Mr. Rabbit visits Carrie in prison, stating that the meeting would be the last time they wills see each other. (Bloodlines)
Day 153
Day 154
  • Jim Racine is found with binoculars outside Lucas's house by Lucas. (The Truth About Unicorns)
  • Racine reveals that he knows that Lucas Hood is not the real one. (The Truth About Unicorns)
  • Racine is shot and killed by an assassin. Ana shoots the assassin dead in a wheat field, the assassin was found to be the suburb resident from earlier. The house is burned and the assassin is stabbed to death by Hood. (The Truth About Unicorns)
  • Hood goes to the Forge and tells Sugar he will be remaining in Banshee. (The Truth About Unicorns)
Day 155
  • Quentin is attacked while going to Banshee. He beats the three assailants. (Firekeeper)
  • Alex discovers that George Hunter has enough votes to become chief leader. (Firekeeper)
  • Quentin and Clover arrive in the Forge. Clover is killed by Sugar with a shotgun, but Quentin escapes. (Firekeeper)
  • While driving with a driving instructor, Deva drives wildly after other passengers insult Carrie. (Firekeeper)
  • Brock investigates Lucas's home to find information on Hood. He takes a photo of Carrie's family. (Firekeeper)
  • Gordon goes to Deva, angry at her behavior. A father insults Deva, and Gordon attacks him in response. (Firekeeper)
  • Brock meets Gordon and shows him Hood's picture of Carrie's family. (Firekeeper)
  • Hood gives money to Quentin in an effort to prevent Quentin from hunting Jason. (Firekeeper)
  • Proctor has sex with Juliet, Rebecca briefly watches. (Firekeeper)
  • Quentin takes Jason captive. Hood intercepts Quentin on the road, and the two fight. Quentin is beheaded by a moving truck. (Firekeeper)
Day 156
  • Hood tells Jason to take a train to Canada. (Firekeeper)
  • Jason has sex with Rebecca again; Jason is strangled to death by Clay Burton during sex. (Firekeeper)
  • Hood has sex with Siobhan during the night in her RV. (Firekeeper)
Day 157
  • Burton removes the blood stains Jason's corpse made the night before. (Firekeeper)
  • Hood goes to Jason's hotel to brings him to a train bound for Canada. After talking to Sugar at the police station, Hood determines that Jason was likely murdered. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Job returns from New York and shows Hood that the diamonds Hood stole from Mr. Rabbit were fake. (Firekeeper)
Day 158 - 160
  • Job continues to search for Mr. Rabbit, determining that Mr. Rabbit is extremely well hidden. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Hood goes to Rebecca and Proctor to question them on Jason's disappearance. Hood determines that Proctor was responsible for murdering Jason. (Ways to Bury a Man)
Day 160
  • Hood informs Sugar that Proctor killed Jason. Sugar then tells Job the news. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Hood asks Brock for advice on taking down Proctor. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Thompson is forced by Proctor into supporting Alex as chief leader. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Deva tries to call Gordon for help when Max has a severe asthma attack. Gordon does not answer, so she calls Carrie instead. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Banshee police raid Proctor's gentlemen club. Hood finds Gordon inside, and encourages Gordon to leave; however, Gordon fights Hood instead. Siobhan breaks up the fight. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Juliet tells Hood about Matt Sharp, and his complicity in moving Proctor's drugs. (Ways to Bury a Man)
Day 161
  • Emmett, Hood, and Brock meet Sharp, Hondo, and Curtis. After being punched by Curtis, Brock and Emmett defeat Hondo and Curtis. Sharp tries to run, but Hood captures him. Hood tortures the location of Proctor's ecstasy factory out of Sharp. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Carrie meets with Job, and pleads for another job to fund Max's asthma treatment. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • George calls for the vote of no confidence to impeach Alex. George determines that Alex interfered with the vote, and reluctantly tolerates Alex's leadership. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Hood, Sugar and Job destroy Proctor's ecstasy factory in the night. (Ways to Bury a Man)
  • Proctor's slaughterhouse loses power. (Evil for Evil)
Day 163
  • Proctor's meat has gone bad from the lost power. (Evil for Evil)
  • Job and Carrie go on a robbery, and Hood allows them to leave with the loot. (Evil for Evil)
  • Sugar, Job, Hood, and Carrie meet together at the Forge. Hood is furious that Carrie did not tell him about the robbery beforehand. (Evil for Evil)
  • Proctor goes to the Forge to question Hood on the Proctor Meats sabotage. Hood is evasive; Proctor becomes angry at both Hood and Sugar and storms off. (Evil for Evil)
  • Sharp, Curtis, and Hondo ambush Meg Yawners, killing her unborn baby. (Evil for Evil)
  • Emmett goes to the hospital and discovers that Sharp was responsible for injuring Meg. (Evil for Evil)
  • Hood breaks into Proctor's home and discovers the guns Proctor has in his basement. (Evil for Evil)
Day 164
  • Hood tells Alison Medding that he has a warrant for Proctor's arrest. (Evil for Evil)
  • Sharp, Hondo, and Curtis are placed into prison. (Evil for Evil)
  • The Banshee police enter Proctor's estate. When Hood reveals the secret room, Proctor tries to attack Hood, but is held back by police. (Evil for Evil)
  • Gordon invites Carrie for dinner. (Evil for Evil)
  • Proctor has a meeting to determine who was responsible for forming the police warrant. Rebecca says that Juliet was responsible. (Evil for Evil)
  • Emmett enters the police station at night and convinces Alma to leave the station temporarily. (Evil for Evil)
  • Hood meets with Alex and proposes that Alex assist him in convicting Proctor. Alex agrees. (Evil for Evil)
  • Curtis, Hondo, and Sharp are set free so Emmett can beat them alone. Emmett succeeds, and Sharp is critically injured. (Evil for Evil)
  • Job uses Racine's file to find Mr. Rabbit's location. (Evil for Evil)
  • Brock returns to the police station and finds the beaten Sharp. He calls Hood and Siobhan to the station. (Evil for Evil)
  • Emmett resigns from being a police deputy. (Evil for Evil)
Day 165
  • Job goes to Yulish's church and follows him as Yulish moves inside. He discovers Mr. Rabbit, but Job is discovered and captured by Yulish. (Homecoming)
  • Job breaks free and manages to escape the church. He is hit by a car shortly afterwards. (Homecoming)
  • Juliet escapes Banshee as suggested by Rebecca. (Homecoming)
  • Emmett explains his reasons for resigning to Hood. (Homecoming)
  • Sharp is strangled to death by Burton in the hospital. Burton finds Juliet to be missing. (Homecoming)
  • Sugar goes to meet Proctor in prison, but Proctor is angry. He says that Sugar betrayed him by associating with Hood. (Homecoming)
  • After Proctor discusses his arrest with his lawyer, Leah Proctor visits Proctor in prison. (Homecoming)
  • Julius Bonner goes to Yulish's church. (Homecoming)
  • Brock tells Gordon about Hood's unusual activities. (Homecoming)
  • Carrie rejoins Gordon's family and explains her relations with Mr. Rabbit. (Homecoming)
  • Hood and Siobhan discuss Emmett's resignation at Hood's home. (Homecoming)
  • Job calls Hood and tells Hood to go to New York. (Homecoming)
  • Hood briefly goes to the police station to temporarily have Brock become sheriff. (Homecoming)
  • Hood goes to Carrie's home to get enlist her to help against Mr. Rabbit. Gordon pulls a gun on Hood; as the conflict escalates, Carrie says that Deva is Hood's daughter. (Homecoming)
  • Yulish sends assassins to kill Job. Carrie and Hood arrive in New York City. Hood finds Job inside the hospital. (Homecoming)
  • A fight breaks out between Hood's group and the assassins. A security guard calls for police. (Homecoming)
  • An assassin tries to take a hostage, but he is killed; Hood kills the other assassin. (Homecoming)
  • Bonner enters the hospital and notices Hood: hood leaves the hospital before Bonner can question him. (Homecoming)
  • Mr. Rabbit's ability to walk is restored. (Homecoming)
  • Burton tells Rebecca that he doesn't trust her. (Homecoming)
Day 166
Day 166
  • Carrie and Hood go to Yulish's church to kill Mr. Rabbit. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Carrie and Hood confront Yulish. Yulish calls in several guards and hide behind the church pews. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Carrie and Hood move behind several pillars, and Hood moves out from the pillars with a knife so the gunmen can fire on him and Carrie can escape. Fat Au and Job arrive at the church to kill the gunmen and Hood is unhurt. (Bullets and Tears)
  • After the gunmen are killed, Yulish goes to the church main floor and starts firing. Hood shoots Yulish dead. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Carrie and Hood confront Mr. Rabbit outside the church. Carrie gives Mr. Rabbit a gun to kill himself with. Carrie leaves, and Hood tells Mr. Rabbit to "go to Hell". Rabbit kills himself immediately afterwards. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Bonner and other city officials go to the church and collect the bodies. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Carrie and Hood return to Banshee. (Bullets and Tears)
Day 167
  • Carrie returns to Gordon and is accepted into the family. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Siobhan tells Hood that Emmett left Banshee. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Rebecca visits Alex and seduces him. She tries to shoot him, but he knocks the gun out of the way. She mortally wounds Alex when she takes his dagger and stabs him in the neck. He walks towards Rebecca after she crawls away, and Rebecca shoots him several times, killing him. (Bullets and Tears)
  • Emmett and Meg and both killed by Hondo. (Bullets and Tears)
Day 168
Day 168 - 197
Day 197
Day 198
  • Burton brings Proctor to a tortured man in the Proctor home basement. After getting information on Frazier, the man is killed by Burton. (The Fire Trials)
  • Hondo's body is examined, and is determined to have been killed by three anonymous shooters. (The Fire Trials)
  • Chayton retakes control of the Redbones by fighting and defeating Mato. (The Fire Trials)
  • Brock goes to answer a false police report filed by Emily Lotus, and they have sex. (The Fire Trials)
  • Deva and several of her friends break into a store to steal drugs. Hood tells her friends to go home and coaches her on how her theft failed. (The Fire Trials)
  • Brock visits Emmett's grave. (The Fire Trials)
Day 199
  • Carrie returns home after looting a safe, and Gordon confronts her over her suspicious actions. (The Fire Trials)
  • Hood brings Deva back home to Gordon. (The Fire Trials)
  • Chayton ambushes Rebecca and tells her that he will come for her and Proctor. (The Fire Trials)
  • Chayton and several Redbones attack a Camp Genoa convoy. Hood and Brock respond to the attack, and Hood spots Chayton. Chayton escapes in a truck. (The Fire Trials)
  • Hood meets with Stowe in Camp Genoa. Hood finds a large stockpile of money in Camp Genoa, and considers a heist. (The Fire Trials)
  • Job and Fat Au conduct a heist. The heist is foiled when a grenade explodes near the loot. Job is convinced to take part in the Camp Genoa heist by Hood. (The Fire Trials)
  • Carrie attacks Anders when he gropes her. When Hood responds, he simply tells her to go home. (The Fire Trials)

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